Holistic Financial Planning

We believe the best approach to achieving your individual financial goals is by taking a holistic approach that goes beyond asset management and includes financial and tax planning. When meeting with clients we review and consult regarding high-impact areas like:

We use this information to create tailored diversification strategies and broad financial plans, which will coordinate the accumulation, distribution, and transfer of wealth.

We believe in providing our clients with the information they need to make sound decisions for living a comfortable life and leaving a solid legacy.

Wealth & Asset Management

We provide a comprehensive review of your holdings to grow your wealth and creatively manage debt, to help clients reach individual financial goals for today and the future. We provide individually tailored asset management, investment performance monitoring, and ongoing assistance in wealth management strategies that adjust to changing tax laws and economic conditions.

Strategic Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax preparation doesn’t start and end with accurate data entry. Tax preparation is a review of your year as it pertains to income, investments, and major life changes such as a job change, home purchase or addition to your family.

With this in mind, our team reviews previous years’ figures and takes into account expected future changes. We work with you to have a full understanding of your earnings and provide suggestions on how best to align your tax liabilities for the coming year.

Since changes don’t occur in neat timeframes, we provide quarterly analysis’ services to capture major changes as they occur and update accordingly to decrease any large tax payments and/or penalties at filing time.

Tax Audit & Representation

Audits happen, and when they do, our team assists clients in navigating the labyrinth of notices and requirements. We guide clients in collecting the necessary documents, manage communications with the IRS and State on your behalf, and will represent clients before the IRS if necessary.

Our team has over 35 years of tax experience and are familiar with the steps required to successfully manage tax audits.