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Blog containing articles from the world of tax planning, financial and wealth management, small business, estate planning and more.

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CPEA has shared news and information in a print/pdf newsletter since 2006. Beginning in December 2014, we went fully digital and archive and new content will be available through our fully searchable blog, CPEA CONNECT.

November 2014

  • Individual year-end tax planning ideas
  • Eight tips for deducting charitable contributions
  • Does your business need a buy/sell agreement?
  • The tax benefits of selling rather than trading in business vehicles
  • Taking advantage of Fexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

October 2014

  • Converting a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company, Travel while giving to charity, Tax calendar, Simple tax savings techniques for security gains, Swapping bonds to claim losses

September 2014
  • Identifying charities eligible to receive tax deductible contributions, Deducting medically necessary home improvements, Unneeded life insurance policies could be a significant source of cash, Paying partnership expenses, Small Business Resources, Weddings mean tax changes

August 2014
  • 2015 HSA amounts, Corporate annual meetings are importantDividing IRAs tax-free in divorce, Keep your records safe in case disaster strikes, Social Security statements available online, What you need to know about required health insurance coverage for 2014

July 2014
  • Do you need to adjust your Federal tax witholdings?, Comparing taxable vs. tax-exempt investment yields, Tax calendar, Getting around the $25 deduction limit for business gifts, IRS phone scam warning

June 2014
  • IRS toughens the one-year wait between IRA rollovers, Expenses qualifying for child care credit, Midyear tax planning ideas, IRS warns taxpayers to beware of phishing scams

May 2014
  • Leasing property to a closely held corporation, Taxing a child's investment income, Don't be a charity scam victim, Taxable tip income, Avoidingin penalties on IRA before age 59 1/2, Taxing Social Security benefits

April 2014
  • Tax implications of investor or trader status, Double benefit from a tax deduction,Tax calendar, College financial aid basics, Monitoring Section 530 eligibility

March 2014
  • Lifetime vs. Testamentary Contributions, When is a Marriage Terminated for Tax Purposes?, Filing Status for Separated, Divorced, or Divorcing Couples, Passive Activity Loss Limitations, Minimum Required Distribution Reminder, Taxpayer Advocate Reports to Congress

February 2014
  • Converting a Residence to Rental Property,Coverdell Education Savings Accounts,Making Your Hobby a Business,Retirement Plan Overview,Social Security Update,Taxpayer Penalized for Wasting Court's Time

January 2014
  • Life Insurance as Fund for Terminally Ill, Tax Calendar, 2014 Social Security Wage Base, IRS Modifies FSA Use-it-or-lose-it Rule, Additional .9% Medicare Tax, Structuring a Tax-Free Incorporation