Lower Oil, Less Looking


You already know that oil prices are lower than they have been in a long time, in part because U.S. oil production is higher than it has ever been, and still climbing steeply. But you have to wonder how long these conditions will last, since lower oil prices make it less economical for oilfield […]

Should We Fear—Or Cheer—Plunging Oil Prices?


Chances are, you’re celebrating today’s lower gas prices. AAA reports that the national average price of gas is $2.60 today, the lowest since December 2009. The result: an estimated $70 billion in direct savings for U.S. consumers over the next 12 months. At previous prices, the average American was spending about $2,600 a year […]

Cheap Oil Gets Cheaper


The economic news that everybody is talking about lately is the sudden unexpected drop in oil prices. One type of oil, West Texas Intermediate crude, has fallen from over $140 a barrel in the Summer of 2008, and $115 a barrel as recently as June, down to $91, and there is no sign that […]