Quarter End Report: The Bull Continues

100 days after the Brexit scare, three quarters of a year after the most recent Fed rate hike, the markets once again confounded the instincts of nervous investors and went up instead of down. Last week, Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen told the world that the U.S. economy is healthy enough to weather a rise in […]

Couples Decision Therapy

There have been studies showing that financial issues are one of the primary reasons why married couples fall apart. A recent article in Market Watch suggests that the biggest reason for these significant disagreements is a failure to create a unified view of the financial future that both parties have agreed to. In many cases, […]

Sleep Like a Superstar

Have you ever wondered how successful people get it all done? Apparently, they don’t stint on their sleep in order to find extra hours in the day. But they do seem to get up earlier than the rest of us, giving some credence to Ben Franklin’s saying: Early to bed and early to rise makes […]

Where the Jobs Are


Your daughter or grandson wants to get hired right out of college, without a lot of job hunting. So what degree should you recommend that they pursue?

Recently, the National Association of Colleges and Employers published a list of the top ten degrees for getting hired in this new year—that is, the degrees […]

The Future is Coming Faster Than You Think

You’ve probably seen at least a few episodes of Star Trek, the science fiction TV show that went through several iterations that included Mr. Spock and Mr. Data—and, more importantly, starships that travel around the galaxy in comfortable style. The show was set 300 years in the future, and included magical technology like the transporter […]

Toy Hacking

You undoubtedly know that hackers are everywhere these days, including openly operating in Moscow near the government offices and inside the Chinese military. You probably have virus and malware protection on your computer, and you know not to click on suspicious links sent by email.

But an interesting new vulnerability is emerging which you may […]

Many Guns, Many Deaths

The December 2015 news of three gunman shooting innocent civilians in San Bernardino, CA has prompted a number of news outlets to point out that this is nothing new. Mass shootings—defined at shootings at a public place in which the shooter murdered four or more people, excluding domestic, gang and drug violence—are happening more than […]

Job Growth and Public Sector Employment Growth by Presidential Term

]You read a lot about job creation and governmental policies, especially in this era of lingering, lagging economic growth, especially from political figures who are hoping to get elected based on their policy prescriptions. Republican candidates like to talk about the growth of jobs during Ronald Regan’s presidency, while Democrats tout the presidential terms of […]

TV and Alzheimer’s

About a third of all adults over the age of 85 will get Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia, but these maladies may be more preventable than most of us realize. Doctors have known that older adults who use their brains more actively are less likely to fall victim to dementia, while less […]

The Association Factor

What’s the best way to be happy and successful? What do most happy and successful people have in common?

If you answered “money,” or anything to do with meditation or networking skills, you’re off the mark, according to Jason Butler, a former financial planner who is currently working as a motivational speaker. He says that […]