Life Satisfaction and Economic Growth

You’re probably tired of hearing about the Greek debt crisis, but sometimes it helps to connect the abstract with the concrete—that is, the huge numbers involved with the actual lives of the people living in the country.

The Greeks today live in a vacuum of uncertainty, with their banks closed at least another day, limited […]

The First Question to Ask Everyone

Suppose you truly want to connect with other people. What’s your best strategy?

Most of us start off with questions like: what do you do for a living? And: where did you grow up? We ask for facts and then try to extrapolate a living person around the data that we gather. But that doesn’t […]

The Bears Invade Shanghai

With all eyes on Greece, a bigger and potentially more disturbing market disruption is taking place—in a much larger economy. As you read this, the Chinese stock market is experiencing the kind of free-fall not seen since the 2008 drop in global markets. Some are comparing it to the 1929 crash in U.S. stocks.

As […]