The Doctor on Your Wrist


Chances are you think that medical costs are going to bankrupt America, and if we assume that Medicare and Medicaid costs will rise as they have for the past 20 years (despite the brief interlude these last three years), then there is reason for alarm. But ask yourself: how much of those costs […]

Peace in Our Time

What was the most peaceful era of human history? The 200-year-long Pax Romana in the Roman Empire? The peaceful period in Asia following the Mongol conquests? The Ming dynasty in China?

You probably haven’t considered our present times, since we’re constantly reading about the spread of ISIS, incursions by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and […]

The Value of Objective Planning


What is the value that people get when they work with an objective, client-focused financial planner?

Most planning firms are reluctant to toot their own horns—partly out of modesty, and partly out of a conviction that you probably have better things to do than read about how they help you with your financial […]

Much Ado About Absolutely Nothing


Maybe you saw the alarming headline in the middle of the other stories on Yahoo! News, which told you that the U.S. dollar was about to collapse, as a result of H.R. 2847—or, sometimes, simply “the new currency law.” Write down this date, the frightening article said: July 1, 2014.

More recently, you […]