Social Security Solvency


Social Security’s future solvency has become one of the most commonly-discussed issues in retirement planning—and for good reason. Gallup polls show that an estimated 57% of retirees rely on Social Security as a major source of retirement income—a number that has held steady since the early 2000s. But when Generation X and Y individuals […]

Lower Oil, Less Looking


You already know that oil prices are lower than they have been in a long time, in part because U.S. oil production is higher than it has ever been, and still climbing steeply. But you have to wonder how long these conditions will last, since lower oil prices make it less economical for oilfield […]

Index Churning


Most people think of the major stock indexes as a stand-in for a certain sector or category. The S&P 500 represents large companies, the Russell 2000 tells you what small capitalization stocks are doing, and the Dow represents broad economic sectors. Look at tables showing the return of these indices over decades of time, […]

Return on College


Let’s say you’re giving your niece or grandson some advice on which major to select in college. Do you tell them to get an art degree, or take courses in social sciences? Or should they focus on business and finance?

The decision should not ignore their natural abilities and interests, of course. But if […]