What? I Can’t Have My Money Back?


Most investors either have now or have had money invested in the cash-equivalent known as money market funds. Few have noticed that recent regulatory changes could expose some of the underlying volatility of these safe investments, and even affect whether you can get your money back when you need it.

Money market mutual funds […]

What? The Stock Market is Rigged?

You may have heard about the 60 Minutes interview with author Michael Lewis, a former Wall Street broker, author of “Liar’s Poker” and “The Big Short,” who has just come out with a new book entitled “Flash Boys.” Lewis is an eloquent and astute critic of Wall Street’s creative and predatory practices, and in his […]

Nobel Prize in Prognostication?

Yale economics professor Robert Shiller won the Nobel Prize in Economics this year, thrusting him into the spotlight of the mainstream media, and also making millions of investors aware that he has been predicting, for the past several decades, that housing and stock prices are due for a fall. Financial advisors everywhere are fielding different […]

The Amazing $1,000/share Company


With the Twitter initial public offering in the news, another prominent tech company, Google, made headlines when its stock price went up over $1,000 a share. That’s WAY higher than Microsoft (around $30 a share), almost double Apple’s price (around $520), and in fact is pretty much higher than any other stock’s price except […]